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Sandrine François (born December 1980 in Paris) is a French singer who represented France at the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest.


She was discovered singing in a pub and invited to sing on the television show of Mireille Dumas. This appearance led to a record contract, and to her working with producer-writer-arranger Erick Benzi (Jean-Jacques Goldman, Céline Dion).

In 2002 François was invited by French television to represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest. Rick Allison, Marie-Florence Gros and Patrick Bruel wrote a song for her called "Il faut du temps." She reached fifth position with 104 points.[1]

Her success led to the production of a solo album entitled 'Et Si Le Monde...', boasting 14 tracks in French including 'Il Faut Du Temps' along with a variety of mid tempo tracks and power ballads, which portray Francois's vocal ability.


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